To understand Happy Hallucinations, we need to begin with a simple question. How many times you can’t stop yourself from imagining your life partner? Imagining life after marriage? And for some, it goes to the extent of imagining their children too. So, Why do we have such Happy Hallucinations? Because Sometimes we completely reject the idea of marriage and challenge it’s worthiness and later we find ourself swaying once again in those Hallucinations.

But some questions still hit hard on us. why marry? simply because every one of our age does or have to because of social enigma or it’s just a fear of being alone? Now to understand this, you need to travel ahead in time. You are now an old man, walking down the street in the beautiful morning. Leaves falling off the trees as the wind blows swiftly around- a place from your dreams. As you walk slowly, you suddenly realize you have seen a lot throughout your life, up & downs, emotional torrents and joyful moments. But the moment you look back you find that there was nobody beside you throughout this journey. You might have seen the world with your wise perspective, but to see this world through someone else’s eyes is what you missed. Now, Do you feel that regret?

Now let’s simply put this, Even when we all have different opinions on Marriage and whether you like this timeless concept or not , you will agree that there is something within us which tends to fall for it. Now and then, irrespective of our rational or irrational views on marriage, we do think about it and enjoy those Happy Hallucinations. Now, the moment you explore what is it within you that sees beauty in the concept of marriage, you have got it! You have solved the puzzle! And it’s time to move from Happy Hallucinations to a Happy Reality. Once you realize this don’t be confused or panic about what next….there’s Sthal Matrimony. Leave the worries and begin your partner hunt with Sthal

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