First meeting guidelines in arranged marriages

In the case of the first meeting in an arranged marriage the prime and the important thing for you is to be yourself and staying honest to the other person.Being yourself helps you to avoid awkward moments which generally happen when you try to pretend to be someone else.

Certain personality traits can be no doubt imbibed later if one is determined but pretending to be something else is much more worst.

You should take note that the Meeting should be more of a conversation than an interrogation. While asking questions the personal boundaries should be taken under consideration and you should not ask questions which you yourself would hesitate or avoid to answer, to maintain the conversation swiftly do not ask questions you yourself would not want to be asked.

In the beginning, start casually, get comfortable and slowly start inclining towards serious questions and make sure you give the hint o another person when you are entering into the territory of serious questions.

Your tone while asking and answering questions should be encouraging enough to get the other person started with a swift conversation along with comfort. The responses to questions relating career, family, and self help you to understand the person’s compatibility better so you should segmentize and frame questions accordingly.

Following are some sample questions categorized:

Self/Personal :

1) Are there any religious, or cultural restrictions or potential issues that might arise from their side of the family?

2) What do you like to do in your free time, your hobbies and interests?

3) What do you think your routine will be like after marriage?

4) Which genres of music do you prefer listening to as favorites and which are your favorite television series and movies?

5) What do you value most in the relationship?

6) What are you looking for in your future spouse?


Career/Work :

1) What are your views on work-life balance?

2) What are your future career and job plans?

3) Would you mind if I work after marriage?

4) Are you comfortable with my responsibility towards my parents with respect to emotional and financial help?

5) What is that one thing you are never going to compromise on?



1) Where were you brought up?

2) Who knows you extremely well or is closest to you in your family?

3) What do you think should be my responsibility towards family?

4) What are your views on sharing household work and responsibilities?

5) How could a marriage be successful according to you?


All the Best and Happy Matchmaking.

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