Dish By My Bae Contest

We often encounter situations where cooking is emphasized as a gender role specifically during traditional matchmaking process.

We agree with the fact that cooking is a basic and essential life skill and not a gender role. In the current culture, we have many examples where couples cook together and strengthen their relationship.

To highlight and eliminate such stereotypes, we have a new contest which emphasizes on any body can  cook




About the contest

“Girls should know how to cook”.

“Oh come on girl! You don’t know how to cook?”

“I am a man, how can you expect me to know cooking? Isn’t cooking girl’s responsibility?”


Generally cooking is emphasized as a gender role during traditional matchmaking process. We as Sthal want to highlight and eliminate such stereotypes hence we have a new contest which emphasizes on any body can cook. 

To support our awareness campaign, we invite all the dear

Bae’s out there to showcase their culinary prowess. Capture a good pic of your Bae while cooking along with your photo with the completed dish and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.


Contest winners

Thank you

Thank you everyone for capturing & sending your beautiful cooking moments for our Dish By My Bae Contest.  


Generally cooking is emphasized as a gender role during traditional matchmaking process. We wanted to highlight and eliminate such stereotypes hence we announced a new contest which emphasized on any body can cook.

Congratulations to the winners!

Mr. & Mrs. Deshmukh

Mr. & Mrs. Jamatia


How to participate

Click pictures of your partner while cooking and the completed dish and send it

to us along with your names on Or Whatsapp us on 7558348583


The Process

  • We will post your photos with names on Sthal matrimony’s Facebook page and will provide you a link which you can share on Facebook.

  • Winners will be declared by Sthal Matrimony based on number of likes,comments and shares on your photos. (1 Like – 1 Point, 1 Comment- 2 Points, 1 Share – 5 Points)


Contest rules

  • Participants should not submit entries for any other person other than themselves

  • Entries with poor picture quality are not eligible

  • Only participants who like and follow Sthal matrimony Facebook page are eligible

  • This contest is open to all Indians living in India and overseas

  • Participants agree that the photos they upload are legally their own

  • Sthal Matrimony holds the right of final decision in case of any dispute

  • reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason, at its sole discretion

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