8 Reasons why you should choose Sthal Matrimony among other Maratha Matrimony sites.

Once you become of so-called marriageable age, everyone especially your relatives start asking you about your marriage plans and preparations for the same. Dodging such questions on the way one fine day you end up searching for the best matrimony sites/services for your community.

But as there are multiple options available in the market, it becomes difficult to select the right fit for your requirement.

So if you are a Maratha girl/boy, looking for a compatible life partner from your community, willing to take help of matrimony site for finding your better half and confused between the available options, kindly check out Sthal Matrimony. Sthal Matrimony is one stop solution for all your matchmaking processes. Here are 8 reasons listed why you should go for Sthal Matrimony.

  1. Exclusive Maratha Matrimony Site: As Sthal focuses only on Maratha matchmaking for first marriages, your search for prospective alliance becomes more specific and easy.
  2. Verified Profiles: As 6 level profile verification is done with respect to the government ID, mobile, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and company website only genuine profiles are made available also we ensure 100% screening and verification of profiles on different parameters so you get only authentic profiles.
  3. Detailed Profiles: You can see the detailed profile of the prospect with respect to the 7 parameters which help you to understand the person better and have a suitable match.
  4. No Dating Site: Sthal is strictly not a dating site, as we make sure to keep only genuine proposals by their verification and also option to report a profile with non-serious intent is made available.
  5. Safety & Security: Your profile is safe as only registered and approved users can see your profile and photos and your contact details are shared only with verified profiles.
  6. Dedicated Support Teams: Sthal has dedicated support teams to handle customer problems and are available on call for assistance when required.
  7. Recommendation Engine: You get profile recommendations through Sthal’s analytics engine based on your expectations mentioned in the profile.
  8. Download Your Profile: You can create your detailed profile and download it in PDF format to share it further.
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